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- Be at least 15 minutes before the game starts. Your friends are here so why aren't you?
- In future each player will have to have both color shirts if we need to change teams in last minute.
- All players on pitch must use sports shoes (spikes or none spikes for you to choose)
- Last player in goal responsible to return gloves.
- End of the game who ever have the ball bring it over so we wont loose them again and again
- ONLY 2 SUBS A GAME! Who ever comes on his own decision without confirmation from organizer wont be
  participated in the game(to many subs reduce to much play time from players)
- If you on STAND BY mean you want to play! If you do not want to be concidered then remove yourself
- Player who participates in a game must confirm on website on game day!If you did not confirm you play
  6 hours before you will be changed to stand by! This is as some other players want to play but still have to
  plan there day. If you are not next to computer or smart phone TEXT organizer he will confirm for you but
  don't let him chase you.
- Player who wont show up to a game after he confirm without notifying organizer harms the game and his
  friends and will be only consider stand by for next game.
- If you think you can't make it don't register just to get a spot! Let others play and be a stand by player.
- Don't let organizer chase you to see if you come or not. Put it in your schedule and be mature enough to
  remember the date and time.
- Player who is late for the game will be replaced by sub and will have to wait 10 minutes for first change.
- Be fair and sub your friend even if its nice day and you are not tired. Each player sits 10 minutes a game
  that's all.
- Try to get a picture of you to organizer so we know who you are.

- No any back passes or throw in to goal keeper by player of same team.
- Absolutely No any sliding tackles to ball, don't be a hero we are not playing professional for a championship!
  Chances are you will hurt yourself or other player.
- No stopping ball by hand if you can't reach it! We have no red cards or referee but play fair.
- Fouls can be called only by the player who was fouled or the player who committed the foul. No need
  so many lawyers on pitch.
- No penalties will be given for hand ball inside the 16 or foul.
  A corner kick will be given instead but this doesn't mean you are allowed to use your hands or foul players.
  Be fair!
- Keeper can use both legs and hands to pass ball to his team mates
- Throw in should be done with both hands keep the game looks good but don't call throw in fouls please.
- Free kicks will be direct or indirect to goal. Wait for the players to set the wall before you kick. Be fair
- Offside is an issue that we cannot impose any rule to apply it. It's the defending team
  responsibility to cover the offside player where ever he is.
  Try to be less obvious when you are on offside as it makes you look lazy in other player's minds.

- DON'T curse or face off your team mates or opposite team. At the end of the day we are all friends and not all players takes it so easy.
- ABSOLUTELY NO any physical contact when arguing!
- DON'T ditch your team mate if he does a mistake! We are not all in equal talent or experience but still we like to play.
- Be fair and replace your keeper so he can participate in the game even if he is not as good player as you and you don't like to be a keeper.
- DON'T leave the pitch for any reason in middle of game (except drinking or injury) because you team doesn't pass you the ball and you are frustrated.
- You kick the ball to the out band of the pitch? Don't wait for the keeper to bring it. Run and get it to him to save time we play for fun not for the clock.
- Who ever kick the ball outside the compound is responsible to find it!
- Keep the pitch clean so there is no any reason for security to complain.